A Year Of Sending Pretty Mail

Washi Tape Birthday Card
Kraft & Black
Naoshi Mail
Sparkly Pretty Mail
Not-So-Classic Valentines
Origami Heart Cards
Grey & Gold
Kirigami Envelopes
Neon & Glitter
Upcycled Envelopes
In The Garden
Cotton & Flax
Dots & Stripes
Happy Home Mail
Sweet Details
Teacups & Watercolours
Catalogue Envelopes
Doodle Collages
Safari Mail
Kokeshi Mail
Confetti Mail
Sparkle Dots
Ornament Cards
New Years Wishes

The Send Pretty Mail project started in January 2013. The premise - to send 5 pieces of pretty mail, whether handmade or store-bought, each month. To send good mail days to friends and strangers both near and far.

More than 60 pieces of pretty mail were sent across Canada and the US and the world. To places like Argentina, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia and the Channel Islands. Occasionally, a beautiful piece of return mail would brighten up my mailbox.

There really is nothing better than a good mail day - something beautiful tucked in between the bills and the flyers never fails to make someone smile.

Here's to more great mail days in 2014 and beyond. Hope you were inspired to send a little pretty mail too!