Send Pretty Mail #31/32/33 - Teacups & Watercolours

The newest addition to the shop are these ever-so-cute teacup animal cards from artist Darla Okada. I simply couldn't resist mailing some out!

Maybe you're a cat person...

Or maybe you prefer your beasties a little wilder... or more puppy-breathish.

Of course, I couldn't leave well enough alone send these sweeties out into the world without a little Send Pretty Mail treatment. So I grabbed my label templates and watercolours and went to work fancifying the fronts. Lightly trace around the template with a pencil and then go over the line with your paint.

With such subdued fronts, I thought more colour more pattern more more more was in order on the backs. Which was, I must admit, a bit of a failure. You may notice we've gone from 2 to 3 envelopes in this picture. But hey, that's the crafty life - failures happen! I'll seal these up with a lovely strip of glitter tape... because a little glitter cures whatever ails you... and carry on!

Want to receive some pretty mail in YOUR mailbox? Send me a note at with your mailing address and a little something about yourself. I'll be making a list and choosing new friends to send mail to each month. And don't worry if you don't hear back from me right away - if you send your info, you should find a pretty piece of mail headed your way some time this year!