Send Pretty Mail #10 - Grey + Gold

I've wanted to try the whole pencil eraser as a rubber stamp thing for like ever.

My Quill & Fox notecards came complete with lovely grey envelopes so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to add a little gold (or a lot of gold, as the case may be).

Of course, one thing led to another and my simple polka dots wanted block-y friends. And then, I couldn't not add a little washi tape, right? And then, I just couldn't resist sticking on a few sequins - just for fun. Classic case of if-you-give-a-mouse-a-cookie-itis!

Inside the envelope, with that clever notecard, I'll slip a few kirigami paper cuts and a sprinkling of gold sequins. Remember when people used to send fancy confetti in their cards?

Have you sent any pretty mail lately?

Want to receive some pretty mail in YOUR mailbox? Send me a note at with your mailing address and a little something about yourself. I'll be making a list and choosing new friends to send mail to each month. And don't worry if you don't hear back from me right away - February & March are already full thanks to Mail Swaps.