The Kirigami Project - Week One - 2014

I loved having a creative challenge in 2013! Sending pretty mail (and receiving it) was a fun way to stretch my creative muscles all year long. So I knew that I wanted to take on another challenge in 2014.

So, this year, I'm teaming up with Geri from The Languid Lion for The Kirigami Project. I'll do the cutting, Geri will create the templates, and each week we'll bring you a new kirigami design to try. Some will be simple, some more difficult. Some will take on a specific form (like flowers), others (like this week's) just for fun. AND at the end of each month, we'll provide a free printable with that month's designs on it so you can print, trace & cut to your heart's content.

To play along, all you really need is some 6-inch origami paper (the thinner, the better) and a sharp pair of scissors. I hope you'll enjoy this year's adventures in kirigami!

Let The Kirigami Project begin!

For the first set of designs, I wanted to celebrate the dawning of a new year. For this week's design, I used 2014 as a starting point. The result? A kind of flower with lovely wide heart-shaped petals with an intricate centre.To create your own 2014 kirigami, start with the 6-Point Fold Pattern and the design below. Then, fold, trace & cut your own kirigami creations!Happy crafting!