Send Pretty Mail #2 - Canadiana

The idea for this envelope came to me in the shower - as all good ideas do (not just me, right?) An envelope inspired by the iconic Hudson's Bay point blanket and accented with vintage Canadian stamps.Couldn't be simpler really. 4 strips of washi tape in blue, yellow, red and green. Solids are awesome, but, if like me you don't have them handy, patterns are fun too!Grab your own vintage stamp packs from Send More Mail.Have you sent any pretty mail lately? Want to receive a pretty piece of mail in your mailbox? Send me a note at with your mailing address and a little something about yourself. I'll be making a list and randomly choosing new friends to send mail to each month.


  1. This is so great! I love the look! Did you have to add extra glue to the stamps or did they stick securely to the tape surface?

    I am inspired and I vow to send some pretty mail very soon!

    The two year long Canada Post zodiac series is now complete and the stamps for my sign (Pisces) are available at last. They'd look great layered with some of my washi tapes...

    1. Thanks Andrea! The stamps were fine - I was expecting, considering the age of some of them, to need a little glue to help them adhere to the tape, but they stuck without any problems. And the new "sticker" Canada Post stamps stick to pretty much anything.

      Hurray for pretty mail!

  2. Oh yay! I think more people should send old fashioned mail. E-mail is great and all but there's nothing like getting a letter in your mailbox to offset the bills and junk, especially if it's really pretty mail!! I love trying to hand make my envelopes and do little things that are more fun to receive!