Send Pretty Mail #8/9 - Origami Heart Cards

Here's a sweet but simple way to use those origami hearts you folded yesterday. You did fold some, right? These are the second set of my cards for The Stationery Place's Handmade Valentine Swap. I showed you the first ones I made a little earlier this week.

Glue your origami hearts onto a blank card and add a Valentine's message. I stamped mine - if don't have stamps, you can easily just write it on, or skip it altogether.

Two hearts are better than one!

Of course a little treat - like some origami paper & instructions to fold-your-own hearts - is always a welcome surprise when you're sending pretty mail.

Why use a regular envelope when you can slip your handmade card into a middy bitty bag. Heart stickers double as address labels - but are way cuter!

How about you? Will you be sending valentines this year?