Send Pretty Mail #56/57/58/59/60 - New Year Wishes

For the final Send Pretty Mail of 2013 (okay, so this project drifted into early 2014, but since the idea came to me in 2013, I'm counting it!), I decided to send New Year's wishes in the mail.

For 2014, I'm wishing you all Love, Health, Joy, Luck & Abundance. Abundance is such a good word isn't it? So round & full - and rather than the single-minded Wealth, Abundance fills you up with whatever you need much of this year - be it money or a plentiful veggie garden or a groaning bookshelf.

Origami cranes seemed appropriate as the vessel to carry these wishes for the new year. Full of hope and peace. A string of 3 slides nicely into a small envelope.

Star print origami paper the loveliest touch - full of the dark blues of winter. A little moody but also calm.

Envelopes bedazzled with a little glitter tape greeting on the front...

Golden doodles on the back (of the drawing kind rather than the puppy kind)...

And more stars to line the envelopes.

Fly straight and fly true crane friends. You're carrying precious wishes on your wings.

Happy New Year!

I'll be recapping the whole 2013 Send Pretty Mail project a little later in week, but see you tomorrow for the introduction of 2014's creative project!