DIY Washi Tape Ornament Card & Gift Tags

Have you sent out your holiday cards yet? I must admit we're a bit behind over here, but I figure if the cards in question are this cute, no one will mind a little tardiness. Right? Plus, who doesn't want another excuse to use their stash of pretty tapes?!

To create an ornament card, start by folding a piece of cardstock in half lengthwise. Grab a small bowl and a pencil. 

Trace around the bowl, leaving space (about 1/2 inch) at the top by the fold. 

Cover the circle with washi tape. No need to overlap. No need for neat ends.

Add a small strip of metallic tape at the top of the circle, right up to the fold. This tab will turn your circle into an ornament. Bear with me, you'll see what I mean soon.

Cut out the ornament. Make sure to cut just inside the line - you don't want to see any pencil lines on your card. Cut a straight line down each side of the metallic tape tab (as seen above) to shape into top of ornament.

Decorate with glitter tape. If you'd prefer, use patterned washi tape and skip this step altogether. You can see how that looks here. I decorated both sides of my ornament cards - but that's really up to you!

Punch a small hole in the centre of the tab. Feed a twine loop (about 10" long, folded in half and tied) through the hole.

Have fun creating different designs with your tape.

Or, why not craft unique ornament gift tags? Use a roll of washi tape as your circle template, then add a metallic washi tape hanger top to turn a simple circle into an adorable ornament.

Happy crafting!