Pretty Postal Harvest Mail Swap

About twice a year, some snail mail loving friends and I put our heads together to organize a swap. Well, it's that time again... time to spark some creative ideas and brighten up mailboxes with pretty mail.

Gather your favourite supplies in all the best Autumn shades and come join us!

The Pretty Postal Harvest Mail Swap asks you to take your love for all things autumnal and express them in mail form. Participants exchange themed mail with a group of 2-4 partners from around the world (or close to home). Please sign-up by October 7th!

Pretty Postal swaps are free to join, international-friendly and open to anyone over the age of 18.

For full details and sign-up info, please click here.

If you have any questions about this swap, Pretty Postal or mail swaps in general, please feel free to ask!

Peek Inside Molly Egan's Sketchbook

I love following artists over on Instagram because we so often get to see the process - rather than just perfected finished work, it's a chance to peek inside sketchbooks, see moments of inspiration and experimentation. It really makes you want to make, sketch, paint, draw... something of your own.

Molly Egan, a Philadelphia-based illustrator, was herself inspired to take on a 100 day challenge of doodling in mini sketchbooks - and I'm so glad she did! Colour, pattern and so much eye candy abounds within these pages!

Love Molly's work? Visit her website for more info and finished work. Pick up a print in her shop. And don't forget Instagram for more juicy sketchbook work and other process peeks.

Posca "Painted" Garden Rocks

Back in March, I found a bucket of perfectly smooth lake rocks gathering dust in the basement. They were clearly lurking around in hopes that creative inspiration would strike.

So, I grabbed a rock and a handful of Posca paint markers and did a little doodle - just to see if the markers would work on stone. They did, but I wasn't particularly enamoured with the doodle in question, so I tossed the rock into a garden bed and waited for nature to wash the (water-based) paint off.

And waited...

And waited...

While the rock weathered two ice storms and a snowstorm and many a torrential summer storm. And still that doodle would not budge...

So, I grabbed more markers and more stones and got to work, making colourful freeform mandala-esque rocks to hide in the garden.

For more vibrant opaque colours, I recommend going over larger sections with a second layer. A single coat can look a bit too streaky / transparent. With Poscas, as they are poster paint in marker form, you want to make sure to let the paint dry between coats and before adding details. Don't worry, it's fast - much faster than actually watching paint dry anyway!

So much fun, right?

They're a lovely little creative project for whiling away a fair weather day in the garden. Or, you know, for scratching the art itch while you binge watch something on Netflix.

I love them. They remind me of Easter eggs - a burst of brightness even on a grey day!

Have you tried any new creative projects lately? I'm always looking for something new to explore!