New Tapes For Spring

A little shop update - just added some pretty new washi tapes to our collection!

A lovely mix of designs for Spring....

New traditional patterns.

And the prettiest mix of florals and embroidered laces.

Find them all here.

New Washi Tape Sticker Trick!

Washi tape stickers are my favourite! (If you've been reading for awhile, you'll notice that lots of things are my favourite!) I love the versatility of washi tape and being able to transform tape into stickers is a huge part of that.

But it's always really irked me that craft punches chew up washi tape covered backing papers* so I've always just hand cut shapes. Time consuming... but if you love washi tape stickers, that extra time (usually) feels worth it.

But then, last week, I had an aha moment and now punching stickers is so simple!

The trick? Card stock!

Layer a piece of card stock under your washi tape covered backing paper*, then punch your shapes, making sure that the punch cuts through the card stock first.

*release paper, waxed paper, parchment paper, sticker backing paper...

Bonus - colourful card stock confetti!

Stick, layer, punch. Repeat. Easy washi tape stickers for envelopes, gifts, scrapbook pages, walls....

Happy crafting!

Paper Obsession - Flow Book For Paper Lovers

One of my favourite purchases of 2015 has to be the Flow Book For Paper Lovers. Jam-packed with over 300 pages of paper goodness, it makes me happy just to flip through it - there's so much to see (and do!)

Designed by the Dutch creative team behind Flow Magazine, the Book for Paper Lovers brings together artists and illustrators from around the world into one hefty treasury of colour, pattern and paper play.

Let's take a peek at some of the wonderful things inside...
(There's much more... but in case you manage to get your hands on one, I don't want to ruin ALL the surprises.)

There are plenty of patterned pages for writing snail mail.

Cute address labels (yes, they're sticky!) plus perforated pages of gift tags, mini cards, postcards to pull out and use.

Pretty papers for paper craft and collage.

Things to make and do - a colouring book section, paper dolls, buntings.

Adorable double-sided gift wrap.

A big fold out poster (it's double-sided too!)

Pages of stickers and a paper picado inspired garland.

And there's even a special pocket at the back filled with another garland plus pretty paper bags. (It's also a clever spot to store extra bits and pieces that you've removed from the book.)

I'm sure you can understand why I love it - I've never seen anything quite like it! I have finally started using it too - after simply admiring the pages for months. Beloved craft materials are always a little hard to use, but always worth it when you do!

Keeping my fingers crossed that they make a volume 3 (and keeping an eye on eBay just in case a copy of the first version pops up.)

If the book is out of stock, I recommend checking back a little later to see if its available again. This morning it was out of stock and then a lovely reader emailed to say it's back!