Peek Inside Molly Egan's Sketchbook

I love following artists over on Instagram because we so often get to see the process - rather than just perfected finished work, it's a chance to peek inside sketchbooks, see moments of inspiration and experimentation. It really makes you want to make, sketch, paint, draw... something of your own.

Molly Egan, a Philadelphia-based illustrator, was herself inspired to take on a 100 day challenge of doodling in mini sketchbooks - and I'm so glad she did! Colour, pattern and so much eye candy abounds within these pages!

Love Molly's work? Visit her website for more info and finished work. Pick up a print in her shop. And don't forget Instagram for more juicy sketchbook work and other process peeks.

Posca "Painted" Garden Rocks

Back in March, I found a bucket of perfectly smooth lake rocks gathering dust in the basement. They were clearly lurking around in hopes that creative inspiration would strike.

So, I grabbed a rock and a handful of Posca paint markers and did a little doodle - just to see if the markers would work on stone. They did, but I wasn't particularly enamoured with the doodle in question, so I tossed the rock into a garden bed and waited for nature to wash the (water-based) paint off.

And waited...

And waited...

While the rock weathered two ice storms and a snowstorm and many a torrential summer storm. And still that doodle would not budge...

So, I grabbed more markers and more stones and got to work, making colourful freeform mandala-esque rocks to hide in the garden.

For more vibrant opaque colours, I recommend going over larger sections with a second layer. A single coat can look a bit too streaky / transparent. With Poscas, as they are poster paint in marker form, you want to make sure to let the paint dry between coats and before adding details. Don't worry, it's fast - much faster than actually watching paint dry anyway!

So much fun, right?

They're a lovely little creative project for whiling away a fair weather day in the garden. Or, you know, for scratching the art itch while you binge watch something on Netflix.

I love them. They remind me of Easter eggs - a burst of brightness even on a grey day!

Have you tried any new creative projects lately? I'm always looking for something new to explore!

Kawaii Box - Review & Giveaway

As a big lover of mail, surprises and all things cute, I was delighted when Mika at Kawaii Box reached out to see if I'd like to review and giveaway one of their boxes.

But then I thought... you know who loves all these things even more than I do... my niece A! So I had them send this box of cute things from Japan her way.

Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription box filled with adorable (ahem - kawaii) goods from Japan. Character goods, cute stationery, clever zakka, unique sweet treats. Each month, they source an array of adorable items, pack them up in a pretty box and send them your way.

We received June's box for review. Here's what was inside...

Ten fun items, including...
Cat Ears soft headband - perfect for washing your face in style!
Panda Bento Rice Mold - super jealous about this one. Panda onigiri are THE cutest

Salmon Sushi Boy Squishy
Kawaii Hamster soft bag charm
Cute Bunny coaster

Hello Kitty strawberry marshmallows - who doesn't love Hello Kitty!
Precure grape gummies

Straw-shaped donut pen
Sumikko Gurashi stickers
Moomin Memo Pad set - again, who doesn't love Moomin?

Overall, my niece was delighted with the whole Kawaii Box experience. That delicious anticipation of waiting for a surprise to arrive in the mail. Adorable box filled with surprises just for you... and then opening it to discover such a great array of cute, useful and tasty goodies.

She says...

"Kawaii Box is super cute and a joy to open! It will totally make your day!!"

And really, I think that, if you aren't enamoured with cute things enough yourself, I bet there's a young person in your life who really really is. Kawaii Box makes a fabulous gift - either as a single treat or as a monthly subscription.

Plus, I think they're pretty affordable at just under $20 USD per month. Especially when you consider that they offer Free Shipping anywhere in the world. I know - that never happens!

Want your own box of kawaii surprises?

Pop over to Instagram and enter to win a Kawaii Box of your own! Or to send as a gift to your favourite kawaii lover.

Giveaway open internationally!