Paper + Tape: Craft & Create

I'm so excited to share a project that I spent so much of last year working on...
My new book "Paper + Tape: Craft & Create"!

Many books featuring washi tape are based on the idea of using tape to decorate things - which is always fun - but I wanted to create a book packed with projects that challenge and inspire you to use your tape collection for papercrafting and creating art rather than just jazzing up existing items.

"Paper + Tape: Craft & Create" is filled with practical and inspirational craft ideas for paper crafters of all skill levels. Cut, tape and fold your way through more than 75 creative & colourful paper craft projects.

While washi tape takes centre stage in most of the projects, you'll also find mini projects which challenge you to find creative uses for popular paper craft materials and tools like scrapbook paper, doilies and paper punches.

When designing the projects for this book, it was important to me that each one taught a skill and/or provided a flexible framework for your own creativity. This means it's filled with templates, techniques and multi-purpose projects. Paper dolls that transform into greeting cards, gift toppers that double as decorations and skills that you can apply to your own unique projects.

(And, here's a secret tip, many of the projects can be made with no tape at all - simply grab your favourite pretty papers or a handful of markers - they're that adaptable!)

And with handy templates for things like paper bags, tags and envelopes, I hope you'll find yourself turning to the book as a resource for crafting your own paper items rather than buying them. (The templates can be traced, photocopied or printed - whichever you prefer!)

Oh - and we had so many projects, that there's even an additional assortment of projects posted online. Look for that link in the book!

I hope you'll enjoy reading "Paper + Tape" as much as I enjoyed writing it! You can find it at Amazon, Indigo or your favourite bookseller.

If you pop over to the Quarto Creates blog, you can learn how to weave washi tape baskets. Tomorrow, I'll share another one of my favourite projects right here. See you then!