Send Pretty Mail #36/37/38 - Doodle Collages

Plain envelopes in bold colours just might be my favourite canvas for sending pretty mail. While simple doodles can make a striking piece of mail, I thought "colouring in" a few elements with washi and glitter tapes would make an even bigger impression. I've left a hunk of blank space on each one for addresses.

I was feeling Autumn-y with this first envelope and filled in a few petals with harvest shades and added a few falling leaves here and there.

Have you ever read The Rainbow Fish? I was thinking about the lovely illustrations and multicoloured scales while crafting this one.

And, finally, a bevy of pretty bows and beads. Mainly because bows are oh so fun to doodle!

For note cards, simple index cards dressed up with a strip of coordinating glitter tape is my favourite quick and easy stand-by. Perfect when you're investing lots of creative energy (and time) in the envelopes. Love how each of these envelopes turned out so differently even though they all came from the same spark!

And, of course, a little extra doodling on the back!

Have you sent any pretty mail lately?