Hello There!

Marisa Edghill is a Canadian craft designer, author and sometime shopgirl. Her craft books have been published in eight languages - though she can't read most of them!

Marisa is known for her work with washi tape, kirigami paper craft, pretty snail mail and for being a champion pinner. Though, around the house, she's mainly known for creative messes and delicious baked goods - these two talents are sometimes connected!

Marisa is a founding member of Pretty Postal, organizers of beautiful snail mail swaps, and wrote for Oh My! Handmade, the online community and resource for the maker movement, for many years.

But wait, what's Omiyage? Omiyage (oh-mee-aw-gay) is Japanese for souvenir, but is really a way of life - a desire (and sometimes obligation) to share a taste of your adventures with the people you love. Omiyage, the online shop, was a passion project - to share a bit of modern Japanese shopping and craft culture with Canada, and, indeed, the world. Though we're on hiatus at the moment, we do hope that Omiyage will continue on, in some way or another, in the future. We'll be sure to keep you posted!

Born in Barbados, raised in Canada, married to a Brazilian and in love with Japan, Marisa lives and works in a big ol' converted apple basket factory on the outskirts of Toronto. Though the internet be spotty, the view be good!

Have a proposal, an idea for a collaboration or just want to say hi? Email me!