Send Pretty Mail #48/49/50 - Sparkle Dots

One little (biggish) move and this project got away from me a bit... but it is definitely not forgotten!

The prettiest envelopes arrived from Japan, and while they're lovely enough to use on their own, they're also pretty perfect for embellishing with your favourite things! Which, in my case, seems to be sparkle dots and washi tape bows.

A standard hole punch and glitter tape are all you need to make sparkle dots - stick them to envelopes and notecards, or wouldn't they make for fun custom gift wrap? Filing that idea away for later!

A little metallic doodle frame is the perfect accessory for a gingham envelope and a washi tape bow.

Have you seen the new Peta Peta Masking Tapes in the shop? They're shaped washi tapes - you can cut them into stickers like I did here, or use them in strips. So fun either way!

My favourite basic index cards look cute with the addition of a little washi tape & sparkle dots.

And, finally, sealed with a bow!

Have you sent any pretty mail lately?

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