The Kirigami Project - Week 19 - Bows

I'm having a bit of a love affair with bows... but not the kind you wear, you're not likely to spot me wandering around town with a bow in my hair (nor Elias in a bow tie)... and not even the kind you make out of ribbon and plop atop a gift, really. But the shape of a bow itself is just so cute and so simple to create from a variety of materials!

I've made confetti bows, washi tape bows, and doodled bows ... one of my projects in the book is origami paper bows... so it just seemed right to make a kirigami design based on bows.

I think it's rather lovely, don't you.

And, if you're more into spooky than cute, craft this out of black paper next Halloween, omitting the bottom notch, and I think you've got a pretty good-looking spider kirigami design on your hands. A little 2-in-1 design for you today!

To create your own Bow-inspired kirigami design, use the template below and the 4-point folding pattern.
Happy crafting!

The Kirigami Project is a collaborative creative project from Marisa Edghill of Omiyage and Geri Jewitt of The Languid Lion. Marisa creates the kirigami designs and Geri whips them into template shape! Each week In 2014, we will bring you a new kirigami design to fold and cut.