Washi Tape Bows

I was attempting to make some cute cards with washi tape bows on them last night but they were a bit of a failure. It happens! But then I cut the bow off the front of the card and was instantly smitten! Don't you love when a craft fail can be turned into a craft win?!

To make them, I broke a bow shape into its essential pieces, cut the pieces out, stuck them to some cardstock and outlined the shape in black marker. I prefer cutting freehand to creating a template or working from an image found online, but you could definitely do either of these if your scissors don't cooperate with your mind's eye!Do you ever outline your washi tape shapes with black marker? I really like it - it adds a little extra pop and defines the shape nicely. I always use an extra-fine Sharpie when writing on washi tape - it's the best I've found. Do you have a favourite pen or marker for writing on washi tape?

What would I do with these washi tape bows? Turn them into bow-shaped gift tags! Simply punch a hole and add some colourful twine - the perfect finishing touch to your gifts.

What do you think? Would you use washi tape bows as gift tags?