DIY Confetti Bows

I promised you I'd give you the scoop on making adorable confetti bows - and so here's how to craft up these one of a kind gift toppers. Don't feel limited to sequins, you could really fill these cuties with any lightweight & colourful material you'd like. Tissue confetti or colourful sprinkles would be really sweet too!

I must admit, I'm kind of a big fan of these bows - they're fast  to make but are ever so cute! I showed them to you yesterday with some sequin gift wrap, but I think they'd be just as cute when paired with washi tape ribbon strips, don't you?

You will need:Clear flat polybags - I used 3" x 5" bags 
Sequins - or your choice of fillerWashi tape

Start by applying a strip of washi tape to the closed end of your bag. Centre the edge of the bag in the middle of the washi tape strip, then fold over.
Trim the edges of the washi tape so that the ends are flush with the edges of the bag. Careful - don't cut the bag! 

Place the desired amount of confetti into the bag - I used a large pinch of multicolour sequins.

Once desired amount of confetti is in the bag, seal the open end with another folded over strip of washi tape.

To turn your confetti-filled bag into a bow, first determine the centre of the bag. Holding the centre, shake the confetti towards the two ends. You want there to be approximately the same amount of confetti on each side of your bow. Pinch the centre of the bag between your fingers. With the other hand, wrap a strip of washi tape around the centre of the bow. Adjust the two sides of the bow until you are satisfied with the appearance. 

Try different combinations of washi tape for different looks. 

When you're ready to wrap, attach your bow to the top of your gift with a loop of washi tape or a glue dot.

Would you try making confetti bows like these? 

Happy crafting!