Wrap It With Washi Tape & Kirigami Flowers

I was wrapping up some goodies to send to a far-away friend and thought I'd share this wrapping idea with you. Combining classic kraft with washi tape and a little kirigami - it's a unique but simple way to wrap it pretty!

Gather your gifts to be wrapped - in this case, I went with a peach-y theme based around a lovely gauze summer scarf from Hettle & a hand knit dishcloth and rounded out with some summer fruit lip balm and peach gum.

1. You'll need -  kraft paper bag, 7.5cm / 3" origami paper, scissors, washi tape.

2. Place item to be wrapped inside paper bag. Fold top down towards the back of the bag - folding twice to make a nice straight edge. Secure with piece of washi tape.

3. Wrap washi tape around bag. You don't need to wrap the tape all the way around, I only wrapped the tape about an inch or so onto the back of the bag. The super slim tapes are perfect for layering and adding an extra bit of interest to your wrapping. Want to stop here? Your washi tape wrapping will  look fantastic with or without the kirigami component!

4. Create your kirigami paper cut. For instructions on how to create your own kirigami flowers, this is a great place to start.

5. Finally, adhere your kirigami bloom to the package. Spray glue is perfect for this! How do you use Omiyage products? Share an image with us over on our Facebook page by July 31st for your chance to win an extra-special Omiyage Surprise Pack!