DIY: Neon Kirigami Flowers

All this gorgeous spring weather and flowers popping up everywhere inspired an indoor flower garden. A Neon flower garden, in fact! What could be better?

Grab your scissors. Let's make some kirigami flowers!

You will need:
Origami paper - we love our Neon Colorblast Origami Paper - or other thin, colourful paper
That's it!

Start by folding your origami paper into the desired number of sections. But beware, if you fold too many times it becomes quite hard to cut! We recommend following the folding directions provided in this snowflake tutorial over on How About Orange.

Time to cut! Start by cutting off the extra pointy bits (how's that for a technical term?) Then begin cutting your flower. See below for some ideas.

The key to flower kirigami is embracing negative space. To create the petals, you want to cut away plenty of paper, leaving small strips to hold it all together. Experiment with pointy, round and multiple petals. And don't forget to cut a stamen!

Time for the best part, unfold to reveal your flowers! 

Carefully press with an iron on the lowest setting, steam off, to flatten and remove folds.

You've cut a garden of flowers, now what?

Kirigami flowers make lovely gift toppers, stack up a few in a varying colours and sizes and you have a unique bow. String together into a garland. Use as party decorations on your table or wall. Even place your favourites into a frame for custom artwork!

Pardon the less than stellar pictures. It was an epic showdown of (wo)man vs camera - and the camera won. This time! ;)

Happy cutting!