Spring Swap Parcel

Do you ever take part in swaps? I just finished a fun mail swap with Karen of One Girl Circus and wanted to share some (okay, far too many) pictures of the package I sent. The theme, in case you couldn't tell, was Spring! At a grey point in the year, a parcel filled with all things Spring is a great mood lifter.

I started with the idea of sending spring flowers and picked a soft colour palette as a jumping off point - hopefully I didn't overwhelm Karen with the overwhelming parcel of pinkness that landed on her doorstep!

I've been playing with taking some of my drawings off the page and onto useful objects - like cards - so this was a great opportunity to use my daily doodles for good.

I've received lots of questions about the markers I use - they are POSCA paint markers - essentially poster paint in marker form. So much fun to use! Mine came from Japan, but you can find them at JetPens or other places online.

While the contents of the swap package are important, what I really love is the excuse to try out new wrapping and packaging styles!

I knew I wanted to incorporate blossoms into the actual wrapping, so a kirigami sakura flower seemed like the perfect way to do so. I started with plain white postal paper, added hand drawn polka dots, washi tape ribbon, washi tape leaves, the kirigami blossom and tied it all up with some pretty silver and white twine.

Inside I included a pack of origami paper and instructions for making kirigami blossoms. I thought it would make a great activity for Karen to do with her daughter.

Next I used some pretty floral paper from one of our paper books and topped it with a pom pom. Simple but cute!

But my favourite - which I forgot to get an individual shot of - is the green parcel. A splash of fresh Spring green topped with a paper doily and a mini collage of tape elements. So fun!

That bird on a bag? Fool-proof way to wrap an oddly shaped item! Slip into a paper bag and add a few accents with tape, twine or tie-ons.

Inside those parcels? Sakura tea, hand knit cloths (for the kitchen or bath) and a pretty lip balm. I'm in love with their mint version so couldn't resist this stripy pink coconut one!

This is my go-to pattern for dishcloths. (Ravelry link).

Pretty paper bits and pieces look extra special when packaged together. A flat polybag and some colourful paper is all you need - stuff, fold, staple!

I had to include a little Washi Style! in Karen's package. I have a set of these flag buntings hanging over my desk (THE set from the book actually) and they make me happy every day.

While this is a pretty simple DIY to figure out, there are some helpful tips for this one in the book that will help reduce frustration while keeping your bunting from getting all twisty.

Finally, a smattering of lovely paper goods - washi tape, Omiyage bits and pieces plus some cute cards and tags from the Flow Book for Paper Lovers.

Totally fun, right? I really loved putting this together!

Have you participated in any fun mail swaps lately?