I just realized I haven't done an update in 2015 so forgive me if this is a little photo-heavy but I just couldn't narrow it down any more! Here's what's been happening around here through the eyes of Instagram:

A handful of really good great mail days...
Q & A Letterbox launches in May and I was lucky enough to get a preview edition. Fantastic selection of greeting cards (and Canadian too!)
More fab cards! These ones from Think & Ink Studio in Vancouver.
It's a croissant pouch! This arrived in the mail and many many croissant cravings arrived with it. Don't look directly at it or you might suffer the same delicious fate.
A really thoughtful gift from friends in Japan. That's a paper craft sumo game - so fun! Who wants to play?

Always looking for the best way to wrangle tape. For now the regular tapes are in containers - well, most of the time - while the skinny and wide rolls are on embroidery hoops.

How do you organize your collection?

A little book love!

One of my favourite Washi Style projects hanging out on our kitchen wall.
Flow Magazine - a Dutch magazine for paper lovers (in English). So beautiful. The Book For Paper Lovers is by far the best thing I've purchased in 2015.
Signed copies of my book will be in the shop next week. Exciting!
Also exciting? I discovered that Pinterest Perfect was published in German. Clearly had to get a copy.
And my non-craft reading list. Ones on the left to-be-read. Ones on the right recently-read. I love books!

Some recent customer palettes that caught my eye. My pink love is holding strong!
Plus my favourite section of the washi gallery wall. I have a soft spot for soft serve ice cream and adorable postcards - this is the perfect combo.

Carina's Mini Embellishment embroidery club started this week. I'm enjoying learning new stitches - I mastered the french knot on my first try. So proud!
I've been thinking (and talking) a lot about markers this week. Blame the doodles! Just ordered some new ones from DeSerres to try.
Trying to translate a sketch into something more 3-dimensional.
Speaking of 3D, these flowers are another favourite Washi Style project.
While it's nice to get fancy with tape, sometimes the tape is fancy enough that you only need a strip.
I've been sending out lots of orders dressed like this - grid bags and a touch of neon pink.

Wool felt in 63 colours arrived - hoping to get it listed soon!
Washi tape mini stickers have been listed - 24 designs and colours.
Loving these new tapes. See how they were designed here.
Our favourite envelope templates are back in stock.

Until next time, see you over on Instagram!