March Doodles

Some of my favourite pages from March. You can see all March's doodles here or follow along over on Instagram.

Three months in (or 1/4 way through the year - eek!), here's how I'm feeling about this project:

March was ALL about flowers and green things and dream gardens. An inky substitute for Spring.

And faces. I'm trying to overcome a fear of drawing faces by drawing more faces. Makes sense, right?

Cute food is more fun to draw than regular food.

Full page colour and full page pattern are the best. Especially together.

Drawing daily is difficult. Friday and Saturday nights, actually sitting down and putting pen to paper feels laborious... so I usually don't. Weekends away, while I'll pack drawing supplies, actually sitting down and drawing feels like a chore, not fun. So, I usually don't... which leaves me scrambling come Sunday night to make up for lost days. BUT... I've decided that 365 drawings over the course of the year feels just as valuable as 365 days of drawing. I think that, in cases where adapting yourself to the rules isn't working, it's important to adapt the rules to match your capabilities.

1/4 of the way through the year, how are you feeling about your creative pursuits in 2015?