Wrap It With Sequins

The latest addition to the shop is some fantastically sparkly sequin trim. I must admit, it's pretty hard to resist sequins - so, rather than resist, I wrapped! Sequin trim makes a great addition to your wrapping supplies cupboard - paired with kraft paper, it's a fun alternative to ribbon. 
Try wrapping a few lines of trim around the box on one side. Secure on the bottom - I used a dab of hot glue, it's not the prettiest under there, but those sequins aren't going anywhere! Alternatively, if you can get your hands on slim double-sided tape, I think that would be a great sticky solution. 

For a little more fun, try more colour! Intersecting lines of sequins in bold colours elevate a simple kraft wrapped gift into a mini piece of modern art. 

Or why not glue loose sequins all over your wrapped box and top with an adorable confetti bow. Look for the secret to making your very own confetti bows in our next DIY project! I think this one is my favourite - it's just so fun!

How would you use sequin trim?