DIY Washi Tape Party Picks

Whether you're baking up cupcakes or plotting a platter of gourmet donuts, sometimes your party plate needs a little something extra. We love washi tape for dressing up basic toothpicks and transforming them into party picks! And, hey, if anyone wanted to serve me a club sandwich with a washi taped pick rather than the traditional frilled version, I'd be pretty happy about it!

Simply fold a piece of washi tape over a toothpick, smooth and snip into the desired shape. I'm rather partial to the notched flag look...

Though simple rectangle flags are really cute as well...

And triangular flags would look ever so sweet at your bunting-filled party.

No matter which style of flag you choose, crafting up washi tape party picks is one of those sweet and simple projects that add an extra layer of fun to your event.

Happy crafting!