DIY: Confetti Dots Drawstring Bags

My favourite thing about plain drawstring bags is the possibilities found in their blankness. This is a really simple but also super-cute way to decorate them inspired by one of (maybe the most?) popular washi tape designs - confetti dots! Because who could say no to multicoloured dotty goodness?

You will need:Pencil (with unused eraser)Drawstring bagCraft paint in 3 fun colours (make sure it's suitable for fabric)Cardboard / chipboard
Cut a piece of cardboard/chipboard to fit inside your bag. Slide it inside. You might be tempted to skip this step (what me? cut corners?) but the paint seeps through the other side of the bag and then the two sides stick together when it dries and it's a big ol' mess. So, trust me, you don't want to skip the all-important cardboard step!Squeeze a little of the paint into a flat container you can use as a palette (I used the lid from a plastic take out container). Dab your pencil, eraser side down, into the paint. You want to make sure the surface of the eraser is covered in paint, but not too much paint - we're going for clear impressions but not gobs of paint. It might be a good idea to have a test bag or piece of fabric so you can get the hang of how much paint you need on the eraser.Firmly press the eraser onto the bag. Lift and repeat. I found that for each time I dipped the eraser into the paint, I could make two dots. Randomly apply a satisfying number of dots - for me that number was 10.
Clean the eraser thoroughly, then add random dots in your second colour. 10 more for me!
Clean your eraser again, then add your third colour of dots.  Allow to dry thoroughly before removing the inner cardboard.
Try different colour combinations. More colours = more fun!

They look extra cute all tied up with a colourful tag.Fun, right? I just might be a convert to the school of eraser stamping - so simple but so sweet. Have you ever tried this clever technique?