Collecting Wildflowers - Washi Tape Vases

Labour Day weekend is always bittersweet. There is nothing quite so lovely as a long and leisurely weekend... especially when we manage to escape the city... but Labour Day brings with it the unofficial end of summer. The days already are noticeably shorter, nights chilly enough to need a sweatshirt or that extra cover you've been kicking to the foot of the bed all summer long. But gardens, luckily, are still in full summer bloom. So why not bring a little of that summer beauty inside?

Having run away to the countryside for the weekend, the garden was full of all manner of wild and not-so-wild flowers. Perfect for an impromptu bouquet!

Grabbing a handful of washi tapes (what? you don't travel with tape?!)...

I wrapped the slim ones around the vase (this one an Ikea bargain), to make skinny stripes.

And filled it with flowers. Love how the washi tape stripes balance out the bounty of colourful flowers.

For the second arrangement, I applied the tapes closer together. Overlapping colour and patterns for a ribbon-like look.

Isn't the lace-like pattern on this tape so pretty? I thought orange was a nice change from my usual love-for-pink and perfect for our almost-Autumn season. The best part of this oh-so-simple DIY, is that you can easily change the tapes to match your mood, decor or the flowers!

Hope your long weekend was a leisurely one too. Once the flower-arranging was done, there was much relaxing with a good book and plenty of s'mores-by-the-campfire action.