Happy Third Birthday to Us!

It's Omiyage's third birthday! That's 3 years of crafty blogging, 3 years up to our elbows in cute tape, 3 years of meeting fantastic creative people from around the world. So fun!

We're celebrating the best way we know how - with cute stuff!

In the shop, you'll find Omiyage Birthday Surprise Packs, Washi Tape Grab Bags and Lucky Dip Grab Bags. Plus there will be more fun promotions and celebrations all month long!

3 kinds of surprise fun - we do love surprises - for our third birthday!

There's tape, more tape, a bit more tape and cute stationery, crafty goods and other special stuff packed lovingly into well-decorated bags.

Hope you'll join us in the fun! We appreciate your support, both here on the blog and over in the shop, over the past 3 years. Cheers to many more years full of cute, clever and crafty adventures!


  1. Off. Super!
    I want, but I dont find. :(
    Very cute...

    1. You can click on the pictures or any of the text links to go to the corresponding grab bag. Or else the section is here: http://www.omiyage.ca/category/lucky-bags

  2. Happy Birthday!! Hope there will be many more years, since Omiyage is one of my all time favorite webshops ever <3

  3. Happy Birthday Omiyage~^^. Cute bags full of pretty things

  4. Happy 3rd Birthday Omiyage!!! Sweet bags!!