Birthday Preparations

Yesterday was a busy one - full of prep for Omiyage's third birthday.

We'll be celebrating in our favourite way - with special items and other fun promos all July long!

Of course, we are doing our Birthday Surprise Packs again this year. These Omiyage-exclusive bags full of fun are always super popular - and only are available twice a year. January and July.

There will also be some Washi Tape Grab Bags up for grabs. But only 12 of them... and this year they have cute little tape dispensers. Want one? You'll have to set a reminder for Tuesday, July 2nd at noon est. Last time we offered these, they sold out in one hour.

And for extra fun, we're offering $3 Lucky Dip bags. One small sweet surprise... okay, so it's mainly washi tape, but there are a few other cute things in there too!

A few bullet points to get us through the long weekend:
  • Birthday Surprise Packs, Washi Tape Grab Bags & Lucky Dips will be available on Tuesday, July 2nd at noon est.
  • I'm sure you all know that Google Reader is going away - anyone else terribly sad about it? Anyway, we'd love it if you'd continue to follow us via Bloglovin, Feedly or the reader of your choice
  • Next week, we'll be running a special promo to raise funds for the relief work in flood-stricken Calgary. $3.00 from every purchase made between July 1-3 will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross. I hope you'll help us support their efforts.
  • Happy Canada Day to all our fellow Canadians! This will be Elias' first Canada Day as a Canadian citizen - so we'll be sure to eat a few extra butter tarts / nanaimo bars / servings of poutine to make it extra-special!