Weekly Planners - French is Chic!

In honour of the Omiyage Giveaway happening over at the Canadian Living Make + Do craft blog (have you entered yet? Comments are open until Sunday, August 15th at 11:59 pm), we're taking a look at some of our favourite products from Omiyage.ca.

Picking our favourites from Omiyage.ca is a little like choosing your favourite child.  You love them all and it's super hard to pick just one.  Oh, the guilt!  We really do love them all!

Anyway, we've talked a lot about crafty goods on this blog, so we thought it was high time we took a look at some of the gorgeous / sweet / cute stationery you can find in our shop.

One of our favourites is actually one of the simplest.  These weekly planners from the DAYS collection by Mark's Inc.

Available in metallic gold, deep pink and metallic silver, these weekly planners are functional and fashionable!  Even better?  They're bilingual!

In Japan, anything (and everything) French is considered chic.  These weekly planners come with a suggested French itinerary on the cover.  (And not to worry if your high school French is un petit peu rusty, the pages inside feature both French and English!)

The gold and silver planners include a Parisian itinerary with such suggestions as "eat cheese and honey", "visit the Eiffel Tower" and "admire the view of Paris from Montmartre".  Excellent suggestions and great daydream material!

The pink planner suggest "sit in a park and write in your private journal", "go see an art exhibition" and "have a family brunch".  What lovely things to include in your week - and a great reminder to include a little me-time, family time and culture in your life!

With 60 blank weeks, this is the perfect weekly planner for people who have a tendency to forget about using their schedule book for weeks on end (we're a bit guilty of that!), for those who find themselves in need of a new planner mid-year (no wasted pages), and has 8 more pages than there are weeks for those of you who sometimes just need to rip out a page and start again!

Perfect for menu planning, coursework planning, work planning, vacation planning, even life planning!  A lovely back to school gift for your favourite student!  We love these DAYS weekly planners, don't you?