Balloon Animals

In honour of the Omiyage Giveaway happening over at the Canadian Living Make + Do craft blog (have you entered yet? Comments are open until Sunday, August 15th at 11:59 pm), we thought we'd take a look at some of our favourite products from

One of the most charming products that we carry are the Japanese paper balloons - or kamifusen.  Made of sturdy waxed paper, these cute little balloons ship flat and can be inflated (and reinflated when needed) with a simple puff.  Kamifusen were actually originally designed as toys for children and used for a casual sort of volleyball.

Available as Pandas, Tigers, Monkeys, Elephants and 3 flavours colours of sweet Fish!

Other than volleyball, what does one do with a paper balloon?  We've seen them popping up all over the internet as decoration.

via olivelse 
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We think they'd be ever so sweet hanging in a child's bedroom.  Perhaps even as a mobile? (You know how much we love a good mobile around here!)

They would make wonderful treats in a loot bag, Christmas stocking or care package.

When a special little person in our lives turned one this summer, our animal kamifusen were a must for party decorating!

Strung together using fishing line, gorgeous origami paper from Omiyage, this paper garland tutorial, and, of course) a selection of animal balloons, our garland was a big hit with the guest of honour (and the other guests too!)

What would you do with our Japanese paper balloons?


  1. where can I purchase these Japanese paper balloons?

    1. Sorry, we no longer carry these balloons. Not sure who does at the moment. Try searching for "Japanese paper balloons" or "kamifusen".

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