Sending Out Pretty Parcels

As I packed up a pile of pretty parcels this week, I couldn't resist snapping a few shots to share with you!

You see, I was wrapping up a big pile of washi tape grab bags...

Which, unfortunately (fortunately),  were snapped up so quickly, I didn't have a chance to share them here. But, as the wrapping of this round turned out so nicely, I wanted to do a little show and tell.

Pretty pretty, right? That's a sticker set on top - placed in a clear flat bag and then sealed with a piece of origami paper as a header card. I'm totally in love with the gorgeous floral paper - it's from a set of origami paper I picked up in Japan!

To replicate this look...
1. Place your gift inside a colourful paper bag. Fold and seal the bag at the bag with your favourite washi tape.
2. Attach a set of assorted stickers (or other flat treat) to the top with more washi tape. Pretty header cards always appreciated!
3. Tie colourful twine around the parcel.
4. Top with a trio of gift tags - first a collage-style tag decorated with washi tape, stickers and a piece of paper doily. Next a triangular tag cut out of polka dot paper. Finally, a bold circular tag punched from bright pink scrapbook paper.  A touch of eighties style, a whole lot of fun!
5. Finish with a lovely twine bow!

You can really use any paper or cardstock as a tag - just punch or cut into the desired shape, then use a holepunch to make a hole for your string.

Then I packed them up in basic manila envelopes to ship across Canada and the world.

But basic envelopes never do around here... I think my personal mantra might just be more is more!

So strips of washi tape plus a medley of stickers were just the thing to fancify these boring envelopes.

Each one dressed in its own unique combo of tape designs and stickers. I do love a good washi tape sticker!

I can't decide which one is my favourite! Can they all be my favourite?

How about you? Have you sent any pretty parcels lately?