Make: Origami Cranes

This week's creative challenge? Fold an origami crane!

Origami cranes are such an iconic symbol - of Japan, peace, wedding season! I figure that if you're going to master an origami design, this should be the one. Plus it makes a great party trick, (well, depending on the kind of party, I guess)!

Learn how to fold one here - you'll find diagram, written & video instructions at the link.

A little secret... one of my goals for 2015 was to fold 1000 paper cranes. I figured that if I folded about three a day, I'd be set. So, I bought a special little kit, opened it... and proceeded to fold three. Can't win them all, I guess! Maybe 2016?

Anyway, isn't this the cutest paper? Gotta love cute fruit & sweet treats!

Of course, you might already be a crane-folding master. In which case, my challenge to you is to fold the tiniest crane you can!

Maybe fingertip tiny?

These wee ones are folded from 1.5" and 1" paper.

Happy folding! Hope to see your cranes on Instagram.

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