Make: Torn Tape Portraits

Some mornings I like to ease into the day with a little creative exploration - an "I wonder whether ____ would work?" activity.  Successful creative brainstorms are then refined for blog or book projects (while the not-so-successful ones get binned). This morning, I challenged myself to draw a portrait using only torn bits of tape.

While I don't LOVE the final product (there's something about patchwork skin that's a bit nightmarish), I did love the process and the overall idea, so I'm sharing! Be gentle, it was my first try!

Since summer is here, I thought it would be fun to try a series of creative challenges. Projects that are all about trying something new.

To start, why not try making your own torn tape portrait? One rule - no scissors (or craft knives) - simply tear and stick! I think this would be a great activity to do with any kids wandering around your house doing the "I'm bored" routine this summer - though younger kids might get frustrated with little pieces of tape.

If you do make one (or a whole gallery wall's worth), I'd love to see! Share on Instagram with the tag #tapeportrait or post to Omiyage's Facebook page. Can't wait!