Tassel Tags!

I've been crafting up a storm over the last little while - most things I can't share here - but I can share this fun pile of tassels and tags.

I love the look of layered washi tape pieces - and they're even more fun with wooden message tags.

It's a great way to use your favourite tapes and to try out new combos.

But do you know what's even better? Adding a colourful twine tassel!

So. Much. Fun!

This is my new favourite way (ahem - lazy way!) to make twine tassels. A strip of washi tape works just as well at keeping your tassel together as wrapping twine around - and it's quicker too!

Every combination makes me happy - here's a less in-your-face colour combo.

But what's with all the tassel tags?

I'm prepping for Omiyage's next round of Surprise Packs - my favourite thing I do all year - and I always love to include a few handcrafted details inside and outside. This might be the last time we do these packs, so I want to make sure that they're extra-extra-special this time.

Hope you're inspired to mix and match some new colours, techniques and materials into your gift wrapping!