Make A Mother's Day Card

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's the perfect time to make a handmade card!

I was reminded this morning of my Script Cards so I grabbed a handful of my favourite tapes in lush green designs and got busy.

To create your own script card for Mother's Day, you'll need:
- Washi tape
- Waxed / Parchment paper
- Mirror print out of the desired text
- Marker
- Scissors or craft knife
- Blank card

First step - transform your tape into text. Pick your favourite momma moniker (but be warned, short ones are easier), then follow the steps on this tutorial to make your washi tape word.

Once your word is cut out, carefully peel it off of the paper backing and stick to the front of your card. With delicate washi words, you'll want to do this gradually. I find it easiest to do one letter at a time - peeling / tearing off the backing paper of one letter, sticking letter to card then moving onto the next letter until entire text is applied. Peeling the entire text off of the backing at once tends to be a source of frustration, tears and a sticky mess!

Add a colourful envelope and you have a simple but heartfelt card - and we all know how much moms love a handmade card!

Tapes used in this project: Jungle, Flowerfield, Watercolour Birds

Happy crafting!