Illustrated Stationery

Do you know Aimez Le Style? This Japanese company produces some of my favourite washi tapes. I've used lots of them in previous DIY projects here on the blog. Like this one & this one too!

One of the reasons I love Aimez Le Style products is that they collaborate with artists from all over the world to produce their unique washi tape designs.

New to Aimez Le Style (and to Omiyage) are fabulous new lines of artist stationery products. I snapped a few (ok, more than a few) shots of these new collections last week and couldn't resist sharing here.

Colourful designs from French artist Steffie Broccoli - French animals and Parisian places and quirky girls. How great is that owl... or rather hibou? 

More animals! This time from British illustrator Charlotte Farmer. I can't decide who I'm more smitten with - that stately Tuxedo Cat or the friendly polar bears.  All the critters are!

And, last but certainly not least, lovely floral and tea-themed designs from British illustrator Emma Block. The pink floral is just so sweet - I want to keep it all for myself!

You can find all the new products over in the shop.

Which collection is your favourite?