Washi Tape Sticker Recipe Cards

There's nothing quite like opening a jar of homemade jam - summer sweetness all year round. I've been loving our Jam Lovers washi tape for quite awhile, but waiting for the perfect project to come to mind.

And then it did... Sweet Recipe Cards!

First things first - turning your favourite pictorial washi tape into washi tape stickers. (This works with any wide illustration or photo style washi tapes). Start by applying strips of tape to a piece of waxed or parchment paper.

Cut out the individual illustrations. Leave a small border of white space around each shape.

Carry on cutting until you have all the stickers your heart desires!

Combine strips of washi tape with the jam sticker to create sweet recipe cards. Simply peel the paper backing off of the stickers then stick. The cards are adorable with a fruit and jam mix...

With a simple fruit medley...

Or even just jars of jam. Yum!

Wouldn't these recipe cards be lovely for exchanging favourite recipes with friends? Or why not decorate a stack for a sweet gift?

As for my extra stickers, I'm thinking some sweet fruit-themed snail mail is in order!

What would you do with washi tape jam stickers?