Make Pyramid Paper Pouches

Awhile ago, I promised to show you how to make these pyramid-shaped paper pouches. We got in some new origami paper this week and so it seemed like the perfect moment. These vintage-inspired florals aren't particularly Autumn-y, but they are a cheerful reminder of Spring in the midst of a blustery week!

Want to try? They're really easy and all you need is paper, scissors and washi tape.

Start by cutting a piece of origami paper in half. Or any pretty paper will do really. You need a piece of paper that's twice as long as it is wide.

Connect the 2 short ends of the paper with a piece of tape, creating a tube. Cut off the excess tape ends or fold around to the inside of the loop.

Now here's where it gets a little tricky... well, tricky but pretty easy once you get the hang of it! Position the tube so that the washi tape-d seam is in the centre. Flatten one side of the tube so that your pouch takes on a shape not unlike a tube of toothpaste. Fold a piece of washi tape over the flattened end of the tube. Trim off any excess tape.

Before you do the next step, you'll want to fill your pyramid pouch - candy, little love notes, confetti are all the perfect size!

Rotate the pouch so that the center seam is now on the side. Flatten the open end of the pouch, creating the pyramid shape.  If your pouch looks flat like an envelope, turn it 90 degrees and try again. Fold a piece of washi tape over the open end. Trim off any excess tape.

Clever, right? Bet you can't make just one!

Happy crafting!