A look at what's happening around here... through the eyes of Instagram!

Adorable new things have been arriving from Japan - loving the stationery
Snapping photos of customer orders is my favourite
Always making stickers out of tape
Colourful bags + paper doilies + tape = awesome
Greeting card grab bags are ALSO my favourite
This order totally tugged on my heart strings - more colour, more fun!

Another fantastic order - cameras, cosmos, plants & Scandi crosses
Big box of new tape filled with illustrations galore
Loving Uppercase. Treated myself to a couple of back issues in a recent sale
More new tape (and one little guy who didn't survive the voyage)
Pink, purple grey & white - yet another fab #omiyagepalette
Textile goodness from Avril Loreti & Miss Matatabi. Do you remember when we sold fabric? My dream shop/studio combo definitely has a big wall of fabric. 

Hope to see you over on Instagram! @omiyage_ca

Have a fantastic weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving!