Make A Bird Mask

Sometimes, I get a project idea which demands to be listened to. Last night, I got the itch to make a feather-y mask out of washi tape. Must be the call of Halloween! Anyway, it turned out quite nicely, so I thought I'd share - maybe inspire you to try something a little different with your washi tape stash too!

A little look at the construction process. I started with a basic handmade mask shape - but a store-bought paper mask would work just as well, if not better. Then I applied layers of washi tape feather shapes around the eyes and up from the nose to the crown. Finished with a few sequins here and there for sparkle and around the eyes to mask (ha ha) tape ends.

Finally, I added a card stock beak - taking the mask from Carnaval extra to magical beast.

A closer look at those layers of feathers - each feather constructed out of a piece of folded washi tape, one end left a little longer for sticking purposes, then cut to shape.

Have you ever tried working with tape in a 3-dimensional way? I also think it's lovely for flowers, pleats and ruffles!


  1. Never mind. It is folded lengthwise not widthwise. Just figured it out. Thanks. I am going to be a vendor at a small company in November and wondered if I might make these and sell them for a couple dollars. there are only 80 employees in the company. I may do some other craft fairs in the future and would love to have a supply of these if I have time to make them. Thank you.

    1. If you'd like - I found it took about 2 hours to make one mask (though I imagine it would get faster with practice) so you might want to charge more than a couple of dollars! ;) Good luck!