Woodland Washi Tape Animals

Every once in awhile I like to throw practicality out the window and try making things out of tape just to see if I can. This is one of those projects!

Raccoons have been all over the news here lately and as I watched some particularly cute ones frolic across the TV screen last night, I got the urge to make one out of tape. As you do. The graphic grey, white and black seemed pretty conducive to tape craft.

Of course, I couldn't stop there. I had to try a wolf as well.

And a fox too!

The animals are constructed as stickers using overlapping strips of tape which are then cut into shape. Details like eyes and noses are added last. I always separate the picture into parts, create them separately and then combine. Using a waxed paper or parchment paper backing behind your tape makes cutting much easier.

But what would you do with a washi tape sticker animal? I think they're pretty great for dressing up basic blank notebooks!

Have you ever tried drawing with washi tape like this? Hope you try!