It's Birthday (Card) Time!

Have you heard? This month Omiyage turns Four! That's four whole years of fun!

Back in 2010, when Omiyage started, we were rather smitten with Japanese masking tape, but we couldn't have predicted that those pretty tapes would turn into the phenomenon that is washi tape (nor that we would hardly be able to find space in the shop for anything else but tape four years down the line!)

So, it only seemed fitting to craft up some washi tape birthday cards to celebrate our fourth birthday!

But before you run off to make your own cards, how about a birthday treat?

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Of course, there will be more birthday fun all month long. Keep your eye out for promos, new products and our always popular washi tape grab bags!

Making birthday cards (or cards for any occasion really), is one of my favourite ways to use washi tape. Here are three ideas for you to try!

Writing with washi tape is a fun skill to master and makes for a great-looking card. You can find step-by-step instructions on creating words right here.

Make a simple number or letter design. These look great with a single tape design or in colourful stripes. Here's how.

Celebrate with washi tape candles. This is a classic washi tape design - just apply strips of tape, then top with flames made out of tape and draw on the wicks. Don't want to fuss with flame shapes? Just draw them on too!

Do you make birthday cards with washi tape? I'd love to see them!

Happy crafting!