The Kirigami Project - Week 20 - Arrows

As Spring fades into Summer (it really is coming, right?), I find myself reaching for brighter shades of paper and creating bolder paper cuts. It's funny how these designs shift and evolve over the course of the year.

Each month, I sit down with a big pile of paper and fold and cut and fold and cut and fold and cut until I have a big pile of designs. Then I sort through each one, some end up crumpled up in the wastepaper basket, some into the not yet pile, others in the needs a bit of work pile and occasionally there's a simple Yes! Then the ones which made the cut (ha ha) are turned into templates for you to try. Some are preconceived - like last week's bows. Some are based on a thought, like how would interlocking hearts look. And others, like this one, just kind of arrive at the end of my scissors. These surprise designs are (usually) my favourites.

Loosely inspired by arrows, I love how graphic this design is.

To create your own Arrow-inspired kirigami design, use the template below and the 4-point folding pattern.

Happy crafting! Don't forget to share your kirigami paper cuts on social media with the hashtag #thekirigamiproject

The Kirigami Project is a collaborative creative project from Marisa Edghill of Omiyage and Geri Jewitt of The Languid Lion. Marisa creates the kirigami designs and Geri whips them into template shape! Each week In 2014, we will bring you a new kirigami design to fold and cut.