Washi Tape Rain Drops & Umbrellas

Springtime - the season of blossoms and new growth and birdsong.

But, if we're being realistic - also the season of mud puddles and rain. So let's embrace those rainy days with some adorable washi tape raindrop stickers and matching umbrella bags.

I think these stickers would be a sweet way to decorate snail mail, gifts and scrapbook pages. What would you use them for?

To create raindrop stickers, start by applying strips of washi tape to a piece of parchment / waxed paper. Cut out the desired drop shapes.

Of course, if you'd like to share your raindrop stickers, an oh-so-cute umbrella bag is pretty much the best way to do it.

Start with a glassine bag. Add a washi tape handle in the centre.

Cover a piece of parchment/waxed paper with overlapping strips of washi tape. Fold in half and cut out an umbrella shape. There are all different styles of umbrellas, so have fun trying different shapes.

Peel off the paper backing and apply your umbrella sticker to the glassine bag. To finish off your umbrella, add a small piece of washi tape to the top of the umbrella to represent the umbrella tip.

Fill with your raindrop stickers.

Now you can spread a little joy by sharing a little rain!

Happy crafting!