The Kirigami Project - Week 14 - Umbrellas

If it's April, it must be raining, right? Unless of course, like this morning, it's snowing! 

A ring of lovely umbrellas transform into a rather traditional looking flower design - I love it when that happens - when one idea turns into something completely different when you unfold it. Whether you're into umbrellas (and who doesn't love a good umbrella?) or Japanese-inspired floral crests, this design has a bit of both.

 To create your own Umbrella kirigami, use the template below and the 6-point folding pattern.

If you try this design, we'd love to see your version over on Instagram. Tag your shots with #thekirigamiproject. See you there! Find me here.

Happy crafting!

The Kirigami Project is a collaborative creative project from Marisa Edghill of Omiyage and Geri Jewitt of The Languid Lion. Marisa creates the kirigami designs and Geri whips them into template shape! Each week In 2014, we will bring you a new kirigami design to fold and cut.


  1. Very interesting use of positive and negative space. I don't see it as an umbrella. To me it's more like the negative space is making a stylized lotus flower. I like the thick border. Most elements of your kirigami tend to be delicate, the boldness of the thick boarder is unexpected in a good way. Keep up the great work, I am really enjoying the designs!

    1. Thanks Justine. Yes, this one was definitely a departure for me style-wise. I always find it interesting to see where one concept takes you. While my image was of an umbrella, it ended up somewhere in "monkiri" territory for me - which are traditional Japanese family crests cut from paper. I must admit, I had another run at this one with a more delicate approach... you can see it here: