Send Pretty Mail - Parisian Travel Collage

Fancy a little travel adventure by envelope? My time in Japan taught me that everything French is cool (which seems like a bit of a contradiction, but really, Japan loves French stuff - brands, bread, dessert, words...), so it seemed fitting to grab a handful of Japanese washi tape and take a little afternoon trip to Paris.

Sometimes the idea comes first and then I choose the tape (or other materials) to best suit the idea. Kinda like the fruit cards. But sometimes, the tape comes first and stares at me until the appropriate use dawns on me.

Here I've combined three tape designs which I love, but wasn't too sure what to do with... you know, other than simply sticking a strip here and there. But then, it occurred to me that they would play nicely together in a collage-ish kinda thing. And what better than an envelope - my favourite mini canvas?

I tend to shy away from these collage style projects - random strips and bits not really being my forte - but sometimes you need to ignore your own preconceived notions of what you can and can't do and just play. After all, it is just tape and paper - I'm not cutting diamonds over here!

Rolls of alphabet tape are fun for snipping into individual letters - use them to spell out a word, like on the front of this simple notecard, or to add initials or secret messages to gifts and mail.  It's a pretty no-fuss way to make a card.

And, of course, don't forget the back of the envelope!

If you love these tapes as much as I do, find them here... Alphabet / Paris / Travel / Slim

Have you sent any pretty mail lately?