Fruity Washi Tape Cards

Do you ever cut your washi tape into shapes? When I get bored of sticking strips of tape on things, my scissor hands get a little itchy and I start snipping away.

Today I was dreaming about summer fruit - fresh, sweet berries - not the sickly tasteless ones in the supermarket this time of year. Since it'll be awhile before berry season, I thought I'd try satisfy the craving with berries of the cute kind.

Simple shapes plus a little fine tip Sharpie action are perfect for transforming washi tape into fruit.

I cut these freehand, but if you find that frustrating, stick your tape to a piece of parchment / waxed paper first, then cut.

Stick an assortment of your favourite fruit shapes all over the front of a blank card - either store-bought or make your own from folded card stock. A lovely way to send warm weather greetings no matter the season.

What kind of fruit would you create out of washi tape?

Happy crafting!


  1. These are super cute! Thanks for all of the great washi ideas you're constantly supplying. :)

    1. Thanks Sarah - glad to hear you're enjoying them!