Send Pretty Mail - Conversation Hearts

How about some Valentine's themed pretty mail?

Cute washi tape stickers inspired by classic conversation hearts are a great way to cheer up mailboxes this time of year.

Create the hearts by applying strips of washi tape to parchment/waxed paper. Then fold and cut. Quite simple though a bit fiddly.

Peel the hearts off the paper backing, apply to your envelope (or wherever). Then write on your sweet (and short) messages.

I almost always use an ultra fine Sharpie for writing on washi tape. None of those tear/ rage / rip-up-your-project inducing smears with one of these. Red would've been more authentic to the whole conversation heart look, but sometimes you make do with what you've got!

Don't forget a sprinkling of hearts on the back too. And the fun part of creating your own conversation hearts is that you can customize the message to suit your project!

Cute combined with a washi tape heart card...

Or with a washi tape cookie card.

Or, really, cute with pretty much any card at all!

Wouldn't it be fun to receive one of these in the mail?!

Have you sent any pretty mail lately?