Make A Love Garland

I must admit, I kind of love Valentine's Day. But not in the long stem roses and a diamond ring way. More in the any excuse to overdo the pink and red and heart-shaped anything way. Valentine's Day is just so darn cute (or at least it can be, if you avoid the drugstore teddy bears and those long stem roses).

Anyway, after last week's initial garland, I kind of wanted more. And if Valentine's Day isn't the perfect excuse to plaster LOVE all over your wall, I don't know what is! But, if we're being honest here, I would totally leave this up all year round.

Here's how I did it: 

Start by cutting a piece of standard card stock (in white or ivory) into 4 equal pieces. Cover each piece in washi tape. Any washi tape will do, but wide rolls make this go much faster! Then cut out each letter. 

I love cutting things freehand, but I totally get if that's not your thing. It can help to type out the word first and establish the style of each letter before you get started. Need lines to cut along? Sketch your letter onto the card stock before applying tape. The lines will be visible through most washi tapes (though you can test this with a small strip first). Then cut slightly inside the lines.

Add a couple of washi tape hearts to make it even sweeter. Or don't. Totally your call.

Punch holes in the top of your letters. Letters with a single top edge - like the E - need 2 holes, while letters with dual top edges - like the V - need 4. I love a small hole punch (1/8") for projects like this.

Once holes are all punched, string your letters (and hearts) onto a length of pretty twine.

Et voilĂ ! The perfect handmade garland to adorn your wall or party.

While you're at it, why not make a second one, package it up and mail it to someone you love!

Happy crafting!