Send A LOVE-ly Garland

I must admit, I am rather smitten with the combo of washi tape on card stock. While it is true that, at least in the case of this project, you could get the same effect with pretty paper, I never have the right paper on hand, but tape I have aplenty! Plus, the benefit is that you get all that patterned goodness on the front and pure blankness on the back - perfect for scribbling down a sweet note or two.

And while we're admitting things, I should probably tell you that this project started out as something quite different (which seems to be a bit of a theme for me this week!). I was thinking about washi tape gift tags in the shape of letters but when I cut out the first one - an R - it looked all wrong. Too big, too awkward. Serves me right for insisting on cutting freehand - but I usually cut better than I draw. Usually. So I trimmed that R into a P, which looked much better but still too big for a gift tag. But then I thought about the cranes and thought "aha - a love-ly garland!"

Because why should we stick to sending rectangular mail when we can just as easily slip a handmade garland into an envelope? So a little more washi tape, a little more scissor work, a few holes and a length of twine. That's more like it! So simple but also so lovely - no need to stick to initials, you could just as easily spell out a phrase or a name. 

Of course, if we're sending pretty things in the mail, the envelope needs a little love too! Apply strips of washi tape to parchment/waxed paper, overlapping slightly. For lovely symmetrical hearts, use that old trick of folding, then cutting. 

A flurry of hearts on the front of the envelope. Start with the bottommost strip of tape, peel towards the top and stick wherever you please.A few strips of overlapping tape on a back corner. Love how the monochromatic patterns peek through the red stripes - that's one of the beauties of washi tape, the translucency!
All together now! That's a love-ly mail day.
Then, slide the garland into your decorated envelope and send love in the mail!
Will you be sending out love-ly mail this Valentine's Day?