Send Pretty Mail #51/52/53/54/55 - Christmas

I couldn't let the holiday season pass by without some Christmassy pretty mail. These days, I'm rather smitten with the combo of washi tape and glitter tape. They're just so fun together!

Did you see the ornament & candy cards? Too cute not to slip into decorated envelopes, right?

Gift-inspired envelopes feature washi tape boxes and glitter tape bows - make those boxes big enough to hold the mailing address but small enough to leave space for your stamp(s).

Add some washi tape stripes on the envelope flap for even more fun. This idea works all year round!

Are your Christmas cards written, stamped & on their merry way already? The nice thing about these envelopes is that they work just as well for a birthday as they do for Christmas! And those striped flaps would look smashing on any letter you send.

Have you sent or received any pretty mail lately?